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We Are

Engaging serving prisoners in purposeful activity through a variety of creative projects and initiatives.

As an Organisation we focus primarily on working with and supporting hard to reach individuals. Our interventions have been painstakingly researched and developed by skilled professionals who have a passion for work in the justice sector. Through their utilisation we can provide prisoners with an outlet to aid in reducing their re-offending.


We engage young people and serving prisoners in purposeful activity through a variety of projects and initiatives. -  We take great pride in the work that we do, and the lives we are able to impact.


SevenThreeOne strongly believes in the work Creative Arts can play within the prison estate, with a large percentage of serving prisoners being averse to the classroom, we continually need to adapt our approach and engage them differently, in the hope that they get through their sentence with a sense of achievement and a thirst for change.

The foundation of our work comes from our core Christian values as an organisation, whilst our message and ethos is simple; we provide without equivocation, and we give with no question. We are also proud to be a Black-led business. 


  • To promote self-belief
  • To educate and equip
  • To be sustainable
  • To be a support network
  • To promote integration / partnership working
  • To support local communities
  • To invest in young futures


  • Provision of Education and Training.
  • Provision of Guidance and Support.
  • Provision of Employment


  • To create hope and see change.
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